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Sex Therapy Can Save Your Relationship 

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Sex Therapy for a Healthier Relationship

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Corinne Lewis, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

There are not a lot of places where people can go to talk about their sexual issues professionally without feeling judged or pathologized. That is why I, Corinne Lewis, LCSW started my practice in Brooklyn Connecticut. I know that there are only a few people who specialize in sex therapy.

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The stigma around this topic is still too pervasive. This enhanced my desire to offer support, guidance, and a safe space for the theme of sexuality and gender to be explored and accepted. Therapeutic services include traditional talk therapy and sharing of resources and information. Therapy sessions are strictly hands off.  I have been working with and seeing clients since 2000. Sexuality is a theme that I care a lot about and I have spent plenty of time attending classes and seminars on this subject.  Let me help you improve your sex life.

What Is Sex Therapy?

Sex therapy is an area of specialization that utilizes traditional talk therapy. My goal is to provide compassionate assistance to couples and individuals experiencing sexual difficulties. At its most basic level, the objective of sex therapy is to:

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  • Help people develop a better understanding of their lives as sexual beings
  • Improve communication about issues related to sex with their spouse or partner/s

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  • Address disorders originating from sexual abuse or trauma
  • Find solutions to compulsive sexual behavior
  • Recover from infidelity/ emotional affairs

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  • Help people develop healthy, trusting sexual relationships
  • Coming out to family and friends

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What Does a Sex Therapist Do?

Many people have the wrong perception about sex therapy. The common misconception is that a therapist is a coach that helps a couple reach the “finish line.” Any problems with intimacy and sexual difficulties often start with underlying issues that originate outside the bedroom.

The job of a sex therapist is to identify the root causes that affect sexual dysfunction. Specializing in sex therapy requires knowledge of a wide range of issues for which individuals seek treatment and counseling.

Mission Statement 

My mission is to improve the lives and relationships of my clients by discussing their sexual issues as an individual, people who identify with non-monogamy,  or as a couple. They will have a safe place to talk openly about their problems and I’ll help them work towards finding a solution.